Leading IT solutions provider, Teammate is an expert at using the following technologies to create leading web-based enterprise and marketing solutions:

Teammate ‘s Java/J2EE Center of Excellence (J-CoE) is comprised of an amalgamation of well defined processes, tools and technologies and a team of highly experienced Java consultants that aid in developing solutions for our clients’ rapidly evolving business requirements. We use Java/J2EE as an enabling technology to reduce a client’s total cost of ownership.

How can Teammate’s Java Center of Excellence Help You?

Design and Develop J2EE based
Enterprise Java Applications
Software Products
e-Business applications and Portals
Build collaborative Systems by integrating discrete systems via web services.
Build web and mobile applications
Use Proprietary Frameworks to build scalable solutions that reduce your Total Cost of Ownership
Build automation into code development, testing and application monitoring and control
Manage application upgrades
Develop application interfaces (APIs)

Teammate .NET services are centered on the powerful .NET application development framework. .Net, a unified set of libraries and a common language runtime environment, gives the developer the various building blocks needed to create software systems including:
Desktop application
Web-based applications
Web services for systems integration using platform-independent communication protocols, such as XML and SOAP
The most significant advantage of the .NET framework is its level of interoperability with other languages, applications and systems. The .NET framework supports a variety of programming languages, including C# and VB.

.NET’s multiple language support improves productivity by allowing developers to choose the programming language that is best suited to the job. Furthermore, cross-language support increases code reuse, which results in shorter time to market.

With the benefit of interoperability and the smooth connectivity of multiple systems and data sources, .NET-based software helps businesses deliver unprecedented levels of value to customers.

With its extensive expertise, TeamMate is the natural choice for .NET technology.

Embedded Systems
Web Services
Web Forms
COM Interoperability
.NET Windows Services
WMI (Windows Management Interface) on .NET
SQL Server .NET
Mobile Internet Toolkit
Our services in the .NET field include:

Development, support and enhancement of existing applications in .NET

Migration of web-based and standalone applications to .NET

porting of legacy applications to .NET based applications

Our Teammate design and implementation services for multimedia solutions such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Image Processing, Video Processing, Audio and Video Recording, Audio and Video Playback, Codec Development, GPS Integration, WLAN and Bluetooth Integration.