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Outsourcing, TTPL delivers business value by “extending your enterprise.” Our business process outsourcing services combine deep industry knowledge, operational excellence, a partnership approach to client engagement and comprehensive service offerings. In every enterprise, business processes are interconnected.

Only when you link shared back office and industry specific processes to decision support does business thrive. The value of business process outsourcing is realized by optimizing and linking disparate processes seamlessly. TTPL changes the game for its clients by delivering the entire spectrum of business process outsourcing services. TTPL delivers procurement to industry specific back office and front office processes. We also support decision making by delivering complex research and analytics services. We help our clients leverage outsourcing services to improve their business performance so that they can compete more effectively in the marketplace. Finance and accounting, customer care, technology solutions, Human Resource Outsourcing, Research and Analytics, Consulting and professional services, Insurance,Retail and cunsumer products, Healthcare. Contract Staffing,

ITES / BPO Services:

We believe that BPO is not just about “outsourcing”. Rather, it is an ongoing process that has covered miles today, including everything that may mean good for your business from sustaining existing business, diving in new business and eventually maintaining the overall growth as well. Every outsourced activity of the client is handled by trained professionals, monitored by supervisors, audited by Quality Team and finally delivered to the client. We have possessed in depth knowledge in the business by executing various BPO and Call centre services for our global clients. With the help of technology and trained people we execute processes with absolute satisfaction of our clients.


The need of the hour is to sustain and survive, generating business at the same time. What will be the ideal way to accomplish your endeavors?
Let BPO professionals seek out the ways for you, while you stress on the core competencies of your business leaving behind the tension of planning, analyzing, management,
strategizing and recruitment.