Laundry Management Software (Laundrymate)

Nowdays every business is moving towards easy to use system with technology , this software will make the day to day system easy to small and big laundry owners in india.
* Customer Service module
* Accounting System module
* Operation Department
* Human Resources Management

KEY FEATURES: * Easy to use * User friendly (Graphics User Interface (GUI)) * Available on Windows * Support single or multi branch environment * Programmable Government Tax and Service charge * Auto calculation of prices for normal and express delivery * Optimized searching algorithm * Print outs * Reports: Sales, Customers reports based on several options * Provision to enter details of garments such as stains, cuts, no button, amendment, etc. * Price checker (Customer can see all items pricing) * Payroll Analysis * Unlimited Reports * Database Synchronization
BENEFITS :1 Runs on Windows Framework with SQL Server engine, Sybase, MySQL or any other standard DBMS. 2 Reduce human’s effort and time 3 Efficient security to resist unauthorized users 4 First-hand information on products/services 5 Developed with java base technology which makes it more reliable and consistent.
OTHER BENEFITS: 1. Invoice/Receipt 2. Reporting 3. Accounting 4. Inventory 5. Security 6. Employees 7. Customers 8. Human Resources 9. Drycleaining Operations 10. Backups TRAINING There should be pre-requisite knowledge from the users of the application; such knowledge may be in the area of Microsoft Office Packages and basic accounting knowledge. Therefore, the cost of training is FREE.